25lines code experimental

I’ve submit my code for competition at 25lines but my one still not as good enough for get in the final list, all of the final list are very cool and good to see. By the way, it’s quite fun to try to code. So after failed from the final list, I’m continue working on it a bit more for my fun and try to keep it as 25 lines. The result is quite impress now for me. The quick result is show as the image below:


The idea is using the camera as the eye for flash to sketch your image on screen. If you move and cause the original image which is you compare to the current draw on screen look different then program will blur those different section out and start to draw from the most blur to more clear again. The output also give the feeling of teleport from one place to another you move from one location to another quickly.

warning: for slow machine, this may cook your cpu 🙂